STARK Finland OY
Helsingintie 50
15100 Lahti
Tel: +35 83 850 900


Harri Päiväniemi, CEO


Fact sheet


quote.pngI have been in STARK Finland for 29 years. Eight years ago I became a branch manager. I love working with people. My colleagues are deeply professional, and it's a daily pleasure to work with them.

Branch manager at STARK in Pori (Finland)

STARK Finland

STARK is a Finnish chain of builders' merchants with a wide and well-assorted product range targeting professional builders, consumers, home builders, industry and distributors. STARK Finland operates as the second largest distributor of building materials in Finland.

The company was established in 1868 by Peter Starckjohann as a single hardware store. That single store has now turned into a family of almost 40 STARK branches in Finland. The chain was acquired in 2000 by DT Group, and has been one of DT Group's most effective business units ever since.

STARK Finland serves professional builders, contractors and construction companies, as well as private customers and DIY builders. STARK is, with its well-assorted product range of building supplies, timber and board products, hardware, tools and interior decoration supplies, recognised by professionals as a customer-oriented and quality-conscious chain.